It’s good to read the fiction about chess : THE EIGHT

  The EIGHT The introduction of this fiction says something as below:
“About to embark on a business trip to Algeria, Catherine Velis meets a mysterious man who offers her an enormous sum of money if she will find the pieces of an old chess service reputed to be in Algeria. ..”

Couple week ago, I have purchased the fiction and promised to my young player, that I would like to tell a bed STORY about chess ; I told him it’s beyond his knowledge of chess. It’s somehow the imagination of chess ART. So my young player is expecting something mysterious and GOOD for bed story!!!

Now it’s getting darker, finally I have some time to sit down and read, (guess where I am?) , tasting a cup of coffee, certainly it’s delightful reading and a delightful afternoon !!!

P.S. by the way, there are so many different editions in different countries had been published. It’s interesting to view the different pictures…