2010 FIDE World Events & Asian Events

Dear all,

For your information, there will be so many strong and competitive tourneys around the world in 2010.
In the beginning of the year, we all would like to plan a compelling trip for chess players.
Please refer to below as of a reference.

For more information, please check out: www.FIDE.com
Choose a trip to play with the dream opponents!
Go ! Go! Go!



Round off 2009 , and migrate into 2010 with No. 1 visibility, he is Carlsen!

Dear all,

To set up a ROLE MODEL is more impotant than to pursue a movie star for a young chess player!
“What to learn about exactly from Carlsen?” if you ask me the question, I would say the followings:
1. WATCH what he played during the games.
2. WATCH and FEEL what his eyes tell his opponent in each game.
3. Try to play his moves in your games, just for the sake of practice.
Last but not least, dream a dream: to be another Carlsen in Taiwan!

For more learning , please visit the official website of London Chess Classic.

Let’s have a dream…in 2010 and beyond.

Editor: Christina