2009 Arbiter Training ended up on Dec 6 and Nov 29.

Dear all,
To expedite the chess professionalism development in terms of educational and practical perspectives, Professor Liu, with Grade B international arbiter license, who has conducted the only one offical training on Nov 29 and Dec 6.
During the training, all 10 participating trainees were went through lecture of “LAW of CHESS” and the subject practical training.

For record purpose, there were 10 trainees as below listed:
Dina, 舒涵’s Dad, Nika, Joe and Wawu ( left hand side from front pic)
Celia, Debbie, Professor Liu (our TRAINER) , Paul and Mike.
Christina was missing , she’s taking pic for all 🙂
For more information, please check out Dina Chen by contacting Chinese Taipei Chess Associaiton.
協會地址 台北市朱崙街20號(體總大樓708室), Tel: 02-2914 2849 , 02-87711436 , Fax: 02-29177541 ,02-87739821


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