Who’s Chinese Taipei? (Dresden 2008)


As you all know, our team is in Dresden 2008 , Germany right now !!!


The best saying of our Chinese Taipei current statement during the press interview dated on Nov 14, 2008  ”Other teams may be here for winning, but we are definitely here to gain experience!”   , I am so much proud of our team !!!

elena_kronentor_dresden20081For more news from Dresden 2008, please read here…http://www.dresden-2008.de/site/en/olympiad/releases/2008/2008-58.htm or http://www.dresden2008.de/site/en/main.htm


 Posted By Editor, on Nov 15, 2008 


台大西洋棋俱樂部開幕了! Chess Club Is Opening For You!


台大體育館文康中心1樓 俱樂部大門 ( NTU Sports Center, ground floor)

Welcome to the chess club located at the NTU (National Taiwan University) campus!

This is a place for chess players and fans, also the place for people who has like-minded in good attitude of competitions and learning !!!

Come and join us on every Sunday from morning 10:00am to afternoon 17:00pm.

For members (for those who joined Chinese Taipei Chess Association) pay NT$100 per person/Sunday ; non-members pay for NT$200.

See you on every Sunday!!!

Location: http://www.ntu.edu.tw/eng2007/about/location.html

Location: NTU (National Taiwan University) Sports Center, Ground floor  ( 地點: 台大體育館 文康中心一樓)

TEL: 02-33665822 (this number only helps to answer if the Sports Center opened or closed)                                                                                        

For Chess Club: 0932-017-761

台大西洋棋俱樂部的角色 The role of NTU chess club

NTU chess club is playing a role to extend the support in order to coping the club chess players’ learning.

The learning can be gained by chatting, discussion,  and competition; by resolving chess puzzles and problems; by playing chess tactics, strategy, and lessons.

We would like to invite your thoughts and contributions in above-mentioned areas. Whatever, whenever and whoever can do, we appreciate your involvement.