NTU Chess Club has completed its mid-term task! 台大西洋棋俱樂部完成階段性培訓任務

Dear chess friends,

Please be noted that NTU Chess Club has completed its mid-term training task, it will be closed by end of Jun 30, 2010.

With Professor Liu’s (台大教授 劉格非先生) support, NTU chess club was opened 2 years ago. It helped to strengthen the chess players’ training in a weekly basis. It opened almost every Sunday from 9:00am-5:00pm. It also helped to gather all the chess parents and chess players in the training place. We enjoyed the good times in get-together for training, for tournaments…etc.

The good thing was NTU chess club made us streamlined our chess training resources in a regular base. The even better was that we all triggered by the move-on energy for future. There are more chess fans to run the chess club, chess academy, and chess classroom to serve the future needs of chess training.

Let’s keep this fine memory forever.

Christina Wang
For more information for those who are chess fans to run chess activities, please contact Christina Wang at:
e-mail : cdwangtw@yahoo.com.tw


台大西洋棋俱樂部已經完成階段性西洋棋培訓教育. 她將在 6/30/2010 起不再對外開放.
感謝台灣大學劉格非教授大力支持, 使得台灣棋手的培訓有一個規律的訓練機制. 也就是每一個星期日我們都歡聚在俱樂部, 這是我們所有熱心參與
與奉獻的家長凝聚在一起的美好時光. 我們也歷經許多比賽.

台大俱樂部也讓更多西洋棋愛好者投入更多努力, 期望未來能夠培育更多西洋棋的台灣之光.

若有關於台大西洋棋俱樂部或台灣更多培訓教室與活動者, 請洽:Christina Wang
e-mail : cdwangtw@yahoo.com.tw

Reminder!!! Please come and join our chess play on every Sunday!

Dear all,

Just a reminder!
NTU Chess Club opens up for you on every Sunday!
It’s time to go back to club to meet your old friends, to meet your coach and play with funs.
We hope to see you on every Sunday from 9:00am – 5:00pm!!!


NTU Chess Club opens up for you in 2010 first half!

NTU Chess Club opens up as usual, on every Sunday 9:00am – 5:00pm
The dates open up for you:
Mar. : 3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28
Apr. : 4/11, 4/18, 4/25
May : 5/2, 5/16, 5/23, 5/30
Jun : 6/6, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27

See you on Every Sunday!

Hainan Yang (大陸名師楊海南先生) equips chess players’ capability in Taipei

Mr. Yang is teaching

Mr. Hainan Yang ( 楊海南先生) was invited to equip chess players’ capability in Taiwan for 2 months, from early Feb till the end of Mar. 2010.

The first thing, Mr. Yang wants to cultivate Taiwan chess players is to lead them to THINK.
Logically,chess players should be able to think throughout during a game, no matter what kind of opponent could be!
However, most of time, most of them are not considered to be able to do it.
The first lesson he conducted in the classroom (7f, No. 339, Sec 2, Heping East Road, Taipei) was leading chess players to practice HOW TO THINK in terms of “2 moves to checkmate”

We expect Mr. Yang to educate our young players here for next 2 months…and longer.

Hainan Yang(大陸名師楊海南先生), is in Taipei, Taiwan until the end of Mar.,2010

Dear all,

Most of you, the chess players in Taiwan, have been informed by earlier e-mail notification from Christina Wang concerning about the newly appointed chess teacher, Mr. Hainan Yang (楊海南) who has arrived Taiwan on Feb 2nd.
Mr. Yang will be staying in Taipei until the end of Mar., 2010.

For those who were ever joint-travelled together to QingDao, China in last Summer for the participating of one of chess tournaments (新人王賽); it’s time to return the hospitality to Mr. Hainan Yang. We hosted lunchoen at Rabbit Peter’s Restaurant . Please join me with warm welcome to Mr. Hainan Yang.
Here are some collected nice photo shoot for you.

p.s. For his availability, please refer to the table attached below. For class plan & chess play, please e-mail to Christina Wang: cdwangtw@yahoo.com.tw

2010 FIDE World Events & Asian Events

Dear all,

For your information, there will be so many strong and competitive tourneys around the world in 2010.
In the beginning of the year, we all would like to plan a compelling trip for chess players.
Please refer to below as of a reference.

For more information, please check out: www.FIDE.com
Choose a trip to play with the dream opponents!
Go ! Go! Go!


Round off 2009 , and migrate into 2010 with No. 1 visibility, he is Carlsen!

Dear all,

To set up a ROLE MODEL is more impotant than to pursue a movie star for a young chess player!
“What to learn about exactly from Carlsen?” if you ask me the question, I would say the followings:
1. WATCH what he played during the games.
2. WATCH and FEEL what his eyes tell his opponent in each game.
3. Try to play his moves in your games, just for the sake of practice.
Last but not least, dream a dream: to be another Carlsen in Taiwan!

For more learning , please visit the official website of London Chess Classic.

Let’s have a dream…in 2010 and beyond.

Editor: Christina